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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Boxcars for Calamity - The C&N RY borrows some rolling stock - Part 2

Finally getting to the part that I really enjoy, weathering! I haven't done boxcars in a long time and the last ones I did were for my "Patch" layout, steel with rust. That's not quite going to cut it this time around, rust doesn't show up much on wood. So time to experiment a bit and see what I can do with something that has a lot more wood siding to work with. I also found my Bragdon weathering powders so I worked with those a little bit on this one as well. The Bragdon powders are loose and I found them very hard to control so I went back to the Pan Pastels, I find them much easier to work with. I can see a couple of areas where I might go in with the Bragdon powders to touch some things up.

Here is how far I got this evening

I started off with wheels again. These are for all the freight cars and cabooses that I painted with the Tru-Scale paint a couple of weeks ago.

Look pretty good. Probably spent to much time on these considering how hard they are to see under the car.
This is how the Colorado Central box car started out

After painting and dry transfers (Clover House, New Creations)

A quick application of Burnt Sienna ink from Liquitex

Applied the first coat of Pan Pastel, this is the dark base

This is after the application of the second and lighter color of Pan Pastel

This is the car the Denver, South Park & Pacific started from

After paint and dry transfers (Clover House, New Creations)

The application of Burnt Sienna Liquitex Ink

A darker grey applied to the roof for soot

First application of the darker Pan Pastel

Second lighter application of Pan Pastel

So this is were I got, one more evening's work should finish these off.

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