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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Holy Flintloque Batman!

When I look at Tony Harwood's blog and his painted Flintloque minis it reminds me that I keep meaning to dig out my own Flintloque miniatures. Well a maintenance issue with a leaking washing machine forced me to go through some boxes in the basement. And there they were two full boxes of Flintloque miniatures! You know I think there is one more down there somewhere. On a slightly less humorous tone someone managed to knock over a box of painted Flintloque miniatures, so I'll have to go through those and see what needs to be fixed. I may decide to strip and re-paint they are a bit on the old side any way and I painted the Orcs green not knowing the background story at the time.

Here is what I stumbled upon this weekend:

Deadloque (supplemental rules I think), Corps Imperial Des Dragons, Obidiah's Cavalry, 1st Troop Royal Albion Horse Artillery, Grapeshotte (more supplemental rules), Elf Light Infantry, Dog Cuirassiers

Flintloque (the original rules, I'm pretty sure that box is empty), Dog Line Infantry, Glasgee Lowland Rats, 44th Strathcarnage & Killmore Highlanders, Dog Hussars, Joccian Greys, Krautian Dwarf Line

Orc Camp Followers, Orc Line Infantry, Zoltan's 666th Foot, Dog Command, Goblin Light Infantry

I know that I have a some Rifle Orcs painted up, along with some more Krautian dwarfs and some werewolves. I'm pretty sure there is another box of box sets and maybe blisters somewhere and probably a drawer full of special characters.

Seriously, how do you forget that you have this much stuff? Not quite sure what I'm going to do with it at this point. A number of the boxes are now water damaged and I haven't opened them up to see if there are any paper products inside them yet.

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