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Monday, October 20, 2014

Basing with Stamps

I pointed out the Basius 2 Kickstarter in an earlier post this month. These look great but they don't deliver till early next year and I need something similar now to finish up my Marines. I was aware of Happy Seppuku from a Kickstarter they ran back in July of 2013 and one another that funded earlier this month. They use a hard latex as opposed to the resin used by Wargame Bakery. I decided to give them a try and I ordered their mud and snow stamp along with their scenic trench accent stamp. These are much smaller than Basius but are a bit more flexible so using them as press molds may actually work better. Time will tell.

So I gave it try tonight (yea, pretty much from the mailbox to the workbench). I did some 30 and 50mm lipped bases and a couple of pressings in the trench accent. I think the bases came out pretty good but after I ruined one of my "casts" I elected to let the other castings harden up a bit longer.

Here's what I achieved this evening:

Got my materials out. Milliput is my go to putty for stuff like this. Its easier to mix and work with than green stuff and its significantly cheaper! I get mine at Hobby Lobby. It won't hold as fine a detail as green stuff but for what I need that's fine.

Its hard to photograph the stamp, but this is the mud and snow stamp (or pad).

This is the wood plank one. This will be quite useful for my Calamity project

Covered up the slots with masking tape. The grey ones are resin bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures

Milliput mixed up and ready to go.

Applied a blob to the base, spread it out and then pushed it into the pad. Here are the results. Not bad I need to be neater on the application, these will need some clean up.

Tried a close up to try and show the pattern. Its hard to see in the yellow.

Maybe from the side you can see the detail better

A couple of 50mm bases
Here is a pressing from green stuff. I pulled this to soon and it stretched on me. But you can see the detail that the green stuff captured. Hopefully I'll be more patient with the next batch.


  1. Looks good. Be good to see them painted and how much detail is shown.

    1. By the time I get home tonight they will be finished drying and I'll get a wash on them to pick out the detail. Keep in mind though that the standard or yellow milliput I am using probably won't capture all the detail. I should probably use the fine or white milliput with these.