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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Painting - 03051: Orin Ramheim, Dwarf Warrior

Sat down today to do something very different from painting WWI US Marines. I finally went to work on my character miniature for our Saturday night game. I prepped him last night. Did the typical file work, added him to a base, converted his chainmail to leather with some greenstuff and sculpted the base to match the rocks he is standing on. Heading down to the workshop about 10 this morning and had him finished 4-5 hours later. He's just drying long enough for me to seal him and get him into the game tonight!

This is Orin Ramhelm, Dwarf Warrior sculpted by Jason Wiebe. Reaper Miniature 3051

I was going to start taking pictures sooner than this but I forgot!

And finished!

I particularly like out the shield came out.