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Friday, February 3, 2017

Madbob's Miniatures - Filters, Washes and a little Paint

I continuing to move slowly forward with the German armor from MadBob Miniatures. This session I applied a filter to bring the camo colors together. In miniature painting I would equate a filter to a glaze. The idea is to apply it evenly across the surface and not let it pool in the recesses. I used a filter from AMMO for this step, a tan filter for a yellow base and applied it across the entire vehicle.

While the vehicles were still damp with the filter I applied a dark wash. I couldn't find the one I was looking for so I used a dark brown for modern vehicles which was lighter than I really wanted, but better to light than to dark! I didn't apply this across the whole vehicle, but rather concentrated on areas where grime might start to build up. I would call this effort moderately successful, I might go back and reapply. I'm using a lot of relatively new techniques for me on these so I might let it stand and just so how it holds up through the whole process.

I then cleaned up the yellow a bit as it was getting a bit to dirty for my liking again. I used mineral spirits and a small cosmetic brush to wipe away the excess wash from the higher surfaces. I might go back and do this step again as I see some areas that I missed.

I applied a little paint after this, notably anything with a wooden handle. I tried the tires and tracks but those were literally repealing the paint at this point because of the wet enamel. This may take a couple of days to dry thoroughly. My next step will be to get some decals on there and start the weathering steps (I hope).

At the beginning of the session

Filter applied evenly across the entire vehicle

Dark Wash applied primarily in the recesses

What I used for this session

After cleaning up the yellow a bit. I need to improve the desk lighting if I'm going to continue to take pictures here. I just don't have a good lighting setup right now.