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Friday, February 10, 2017

Madbob's Miniatures - Some Paint and Decals

Progress continues on the German vehicles from MadBob Miniatures. Once the filters and wash had dried I was able to get the matt black paint (AMMO) on all three vehicles. I used it on the tracks and wheels just to get a base color of paint on those areas. At my next opportunity I applied a gloss coat for the decals. This will also allow the follow on weathering steps to flow across the vehicles better. Once that had dried (fairly quickly here in Colorado) I went ahead and started to apply the decals, starting with the German crosses on the sides. Unfortunately my selection of crosses was somewhat limited and the one on the 39H(f) is a bit larger than I would like but I think after the weathering starts the size won't stand out as much.

A little black paint work

Now they are a little glossy, perfect for decals

That's a pretty big cross, hopefully the weathering will tone it done a bit

These aren't going to get a lot of decal work but I might add some others just for flavor. These should get a license "plate" in the front.

Yes, I really do need better light at my desk.

The rest of this took a lot more time than I anticipated. Basically I went back in with oil paints to restore some of the camo colors and add some more "tones" to the colors to add depth and interest. So this is new for me, I think it came out pretty good. The browns and greens were really starting to meld together so this really helped make them stand out from each other again. I think more practice will make this a useful technique. I started out with a pin wash to try an re-emphasize the details (I wish the details were sharper).

Here I added another pin wash to try and pull out the details a bit more.

Adding some brownish yellow to the dunkelgelb base color

Coming back around and adding some green to the original. I'm starting to see some more depth to the colors now.

Where the colors come together

Bringing in some Raw Sienna to the brown. The vehicles are definitely brighter and shadows are pretty deep. I need to get the rest of the decals on and I'll start the real weathering steps.

My paper at the end of the day and a very abused brush. This was a kolinsky that was nearing the end of its useful life as a detail brush.

The oil colors I used for this step.

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