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Thursday, November 21, 2019

A new, very old book - Pictorial History of the American Revolution

I found this book in a used book store in Charlottesville VA and quite frankly forgot about it with everything that has been going on. The "cover" for the spine has come off, but it was saved. Other than that I think its in reasonably good shape for a book that is about 134 years old.

Looks like someone received this book as a gift in 1885. I'm using that date as the publication date, kind of figuring that you would give a new copy of the book as a gift.

The only date I see on this page is 1847. If that's the publication date then its older than I thought. But there is the odd line that says Twenty Three Thousands and I'm not sure if that is the number printed so far or what.

Nice map of the Bunker and Breed's Hill

A fold out copy of the Declaration of Independence

And the back six pages are used for advertisements!


  1. Great find! The 1847 is probably the copyright date, or original print date (in so much as those were different then!).

    Hopefully some of the pictures are useful for your projects.

    1. I'm sure there will be some stuff I can use in there. English has changed just enough that reading it is a bit slow plus I'm trying to be very careful turning those pages.

  2. Interesting, I am drawing the maps for an Atlas of the war at the moment, a third of the way through, looking at 2021 for publication if all goes well.