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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Life Intervenes - Again

Here are the kind of things that have kept me from doing to much of anything else.
The upstairs bathroom, at one point in time this was the main bathroom for the entire house. We have removed the top and what you see here is that area demoed to the studs and the new shower pan poured and drying. Everything else has been removed, the old linoleum stayed in place and was covered with hardibacker board and tile. Linoleum from that period was loaded with asbestos best to leave it in place.
This year's Christmas card, linocut block and Prussian Blue Ink. Not sure why we add this extra bit of stress but we do. I'm currently in the process of trying to save the linocut, whatever material it was mounted to absorbed water and warped making additional prints difficult at best.

And the Master bathroom, to the left

In the center, shower enclosure

To the right, where the tub should be and will be after they redo the tile.

And to answer the question, no both bathrooms were not torn up at the same time, the upstairs bathroom is finished except for one light and the Master is currently in the state you see here.

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