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Monday, March 27, 2023

Painting HO Scale Miniatures - Step 7 - Calling it done.

I did some touchups but I didn't go all out. I think I accomplished the basic of goal of producing something that looks better than the vast majority of the figures we see populating most HO scale layouts. 

I will say that I was disappointed with the detail on these Preiser figures, they are definitely showing their age at this point. I would like to see if I could get my hands on some better quality miniatures that would be worth doing some quality paint work on.

From a picture stand point I have taken the 4 groups of standing figures and photographed them from 3", 6" and 9". I didn't edit those pictures I'm trying to show how they look at different viewing distances and really these would amount to close up viewing on most layouts. I think the average viewing distance is probably between 12" and 18". 

In the end these are good background figures. total elapsed time was about 2 hours painting and prep I think. Since it was spread out over such a long period of time, I didn't really do a good job of keeping track of the time. I might use these in the middle ground as well but they would only be okay in the foreground. More time and better quality miniatures would be a must for the foreground.

Group 1 - Black Primer

3" Group 1
6" Group 1
9" Group 1

Group 2 White Primer
3" Group 2

6" Group 2
9" Group 2

Group 3 Grey Primer

3" Group 3

6" Group 3
9" Group 3

Group 4 Zenithal priming

Sorry, the 3" photo for Group 4 came up missing.

6" Group 4
9" Group 4

And finally at 6” in a more appropriate setting

Group 1 in scene
Group 2 in scene
Group 3 in scene
Group 4 in scene
All four primers in the same photo, left to right, Grp 1, Grp 2, Grp 3 and Grp 4

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