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Friday, May 5, 2023

A Brick Building from the Ground Up - Part 7

In theory, the reason I keep multiple projects going is to be able to shift from one to the another and back because of boredom or time restrictions. This time it was a material issue. I stopped worked on the brick building because I was looking for something to cap the top of the cornice. While I let this percolate in the back of my mind I moved on the Pulp Sci Fi diorama. Then disaster struck! Well, not really, but I wanted to create the hull of the rocket ship out of 1mm Sintra at the same time it struck me that Sintra would work as the cap stone for the DV Ross & CO building and I didn't have any left!

I made an order that included a 1, 2 and 3mm Sintra and, of course, it hasn't arrived yet. In the mean time I moved forward with the base for DV Ross. I decided to glue it permanently to the base and discovered that I really disliked the color of the base, so I repainted that with a 1:1 mix of Reaper Leather White and Panzer Aces (Vallejo) Highlight US Tkcr. I think it looks much better now. I just need to let this set up for a bit before I attack it with some oils for weathering.

I'm still contemplating what to do with the roof. I think it needs some brick detail along the inside and unfortunately there isn't enough scrap brick from the kit to do that. Still thinking about that. At the moment I'm leaning towards paper but I need to take a look at see if I can find some brick sheet that would work I know there are more than a few sources for that out there.

So a week with not a whole lot accomplished on either project, to the point were I was considering pulling out the pirate ship and doing some work on that, because the ideas in my head never really stop.

Attaching the building to the base. Without thinking it out I used wood glue, completely forgetting that the base is a piece of 3mm Sintra. So far the bond is holding and I don't think its going to be a problem.

The roof was warping so I added some extra bracing to flatten it out. At this point its just resting in place. I may not glue it down just so I can still access the inside if I want to.
Here is the new concrete color, a bit on the brown side but its just the base color. More colors to come!

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