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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A bit of Washington - My whirlwind trip the finish

And a few miscellaneous pictures to wrap it up.

A line up of food trucks during lunch (all the way down the street!).

This duck is cheating, he is standing on that concrete block, kind of reminds me of a politician

I should know this breed but it escapes me right now. There are actually two of them, but the other one is out of sight behind this one. (Now I remember Bernese Mountain Dog, not quite as big as my Great Pyrenees).

This is a "gate keepers" house. I have no idea if its for the gates to an estate or if there was a canal through the area and it was for the gates to a lock.

Because I managed to get lost I found service area for the passenger trains for Union Station

And of course I would take a picture of the back of Union Station instead of the front. The trains are obviously more cool than the architecture in this case.

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