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Thursday, April 24, 2014

ReaperCon 2014 - Day 1

Well, this is mostly day 1. I arrived on Wednesday and went to the meet and greet that was held at the Reaper facility. Good BBQ was provided. I helped with some of the setup at the hotel as well as making sure my vendors area was ready to go.
Jason Weibe, Bobby Jackson, Tim Peaslee (Castlebuilder)

Checking out Tim's newest Hirst Arts build
Gene Van Horne on the left, with Bob Ridolfi and Julie Guthrie behind him

Aaron Lovejoy, Jason Wiebe

Up early on Thursday because I was hoping I would have vendors in to starting setup up. They did, eventually start wandering in. I spent my day keeping the vendors on task and working on my contest entry. I just figured out that I missed a detail and I'm not quite sure how to handle it right now so I'm going to sleep on it a bit and decide what to do with it tomorrow. Entries don't have to be in till 6pm so I have plenty of time to finish off this last detail. I may try to use the colors I used on the base and tie things together a bit more. I'll try and get a picture of her tomorrow before she goes in the competition.

Cheryl Storm (ladystorm), Reaper Bryan

Reaper Booth almost ready to go

Stage with a gallows

Setting up ReaperVision. Entries in the painting competition are photographed and a running slide show is displayed on these monitors


Sculptors getting ready, left to right Adrienne Hawkins (not a sculptor) Bobby Jackson, Chris Leiws, Julie Guthrie, Bob Ridolfi, Andy (Tailspinner) and Victoria Lamb

The artist and painting hall

Bricks and Boards, Lego Vendor

The dinosaur game. The Reaper crew time travels to the age of dinosaurs to figure out what paints should be used for dinosaurs. Things go badly.

The Dungeon Crawl (4x8 foot board made from Hirst Arts bricks)

A game board, maybe a southwestern style

Paradise western town (MiniCannuck, I belive)

A third western town, with Train!

Dinosaur game in play

Dungeon Crawl in play

Bobie's Hobby setting up

Team Frog demo board

Team Frog booth

Tabletop Plus, but you can probably read that.

Dreamscarred Press

Gamer Nation

Artisan Dice, handcrafted wooden dice

Their line of pens

I think I'll call it a night for day 1


  1. A couple people are chatting on the forums about what they're up to. Sounds like everyone is having a grand time. Good luck with getting your entry finished and looking forward to seeing her.

    1. The Dark Maiden will definitely be finished in time, I'll sit in the back corner of the room and no one will bother me! Everyone seems to be having a great time.