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Thursday, April 29, 2021

World War II Project - Rubicon Models PzKfw III H - The build continues

I managed a bit more work on the PzKfw IIIH (variant 2). Although the STuGs are ready for some more paint work I decided that I really needed to get moving on this. I finished off the lower hull and the upper hull . I have pictures below so you can see the progress. I'm having issues at the moment with the back end of the chassis. After I did a test fit to the lower hull I found a big gap at the back end. It looks like one of the pieces should slide in a lot farther than it does to cover that gap and I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong. I'll need to experiment with it and see what I need to do, something is definitely not right.

When I as assembling the track and wheel sub-assembly I ran into an issue where the spokes on the return wheel were not lining up correctly. I simply cut the tab until I got it to fit the way I wanted. Still not sure if that's an actual problem with the kit itself or I built something wrong. I'll pay more attention on the next build.

At this point all I need to finish off is the turret and its ready to go. The build is actually pretty easy and the number of options covered is almost mind boggling. Not quite sure what I'm going to do with all these extra pieces!

If you look close at the back you can see the gap I'm talking about just above and to the right of the post for the return wheel

The back end, but you can't see the gap!

The front end

Working the upper hull, I'm using clamps because there is a lot of surface area that needs glue and I don't want anything to spring apart on me!

Again, a lot of area that needs to be glue, so the clamps came in handy to make sure it all stayed flat.

And here the upper hull and chassis are being glued together. Now to figure out why I have a gap in the back!

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