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Thursday, April 22, 2021

World War II Project, STuG Project - Chipping complete

My wife had a meeting the other night and I was able to sit down for some un-interrupted painting. I finished the chipping on the STuGs and went back and did the back side of the skirts which I had forgotten to do. I also did chipping on the wheels and painted the rubber rims with Dark Rubber from Vallejo from their Panzer Aces collection. I really like this color for rubber.

Going back and looking at the photos I probably over did the chipping work but once I start adding the weathering that will start to get obscured a bit and after I add the baggage to the rear deck a lot more will get covered. I do realize that it seems rather pointless to paint something that will not be seen but I need the practice and it makes me happy knowing that its there even if no one else does.

An overall look at the progress, chipping finished on to more weathering!

The back of the skirts that I had forgotten to do the first time.

There is certainly a lot more work to be done to the tracks but at least I finally managed to get started on them.

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