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Thursday, June 3, 2021

World War II Project - Rubicon Models - PzKfw IIIJ (Short 50)

I broke out another Rubicon kit and built this one up as a PzKfw III J with the short 50 (Variant 1 in the instruction book). Again I'm impressed with the versatility of this kit and how well thought out it is. While I'm going to be left with a huge supply of tank bits at the end being able to build every variant from the auf H to the auf M is huge! I might even need to step back and grab the other kit so I can build a auf G version at some point. Since I already had one under my build this one went together much quicker and I didn't make any of the same mistakes (grumble, grumble, backplate bah!).

This keeps me on course to have field some Pz IIIs for North Africa with the next build destine to a III J with the long 50.

All the "common" steps completed. Essentially the core components around which all the variants are built.

Chassis and lower hull going together, can never use enough clamps.

The turret for the III J with the short 50 and open hatches on the top. The side hatches can be build in the open position as well.

Gluing the chassis to the hull and clamping them together. I added the tracks the turret to get an idea of what it will look like when its finished.

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