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Monday, October 25, 2021

Acquisitions - Sophie's Revenge from Reaper Miniatures

Scourge of the High Seas! I have acquired a Sophie's Revenge from Reaper's last kickstarter. This is pretty much a complete fantasy as far as pirate ships go but its going to be fun game piece. To be honest I haven't been really excited about anything miniature related for sometime but this one has so much potential that I might be willing to put everything else aside for a bit and start work on this huge ship. 

Let's unbox this conglomeration of plastic.

Pretty well packed. My box has a hole in it from shipping but no damage to the ship. That's all I really cared about.
The ship right out of the box

With the poop deck and cabins removed

Down to the gun deck. I already see a problem here as the side planking is attached to the upper deck. Will make it hard to detail correctly. I might try and cut the side walls off and glue them to the gun deck. Looks like pretty major surgery.

Bags of parts

Followed by a pile of cannons, 20 in all.

They don't look to bad with the rest of the barrel slotted into place.

The massive anchor comes in three pieces

Lids for the gunports

The figure head, there are six pieces. The legs are a separate piece and there is another interior piece to hold them in place.

Deck pieces. Will have to add a lot more or its going to be a very open deck.
Crows' next platforms

tops of the masts, they are abbreviated in height, probably a good thing.

Mast Components. I might rethink how these will actually be attached. As it stands each mast has a magnet in the base and there is a matching magnet in the deck to hold it in place.

Of course I have grandiose plans for this one. It will get its own base so it can be displayed in the appropriate watery environment (something I also plan for the USS Arizona).  I would like to work in some additional interior detail but the decks are put together the opposite way I need them to be. That will definitely take some major surgery to re-work so I may have to rethink my approach on that. I would also like to include a certain amount of rigging, which would mean the masts would not longer be removable.

Will definitely require some thought before I move forward with construction.

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