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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Painting the Modelu HO Scale Transitional Era Crew Bundle - Part 1

I know I haven't finished the church yet. However, since that is giving me some frustrations at this point I need to have something else to turn my attention to while solutions simmer for the church. So I pulled out the Modelu Transitional Era Crew to work on. I elected to start with the HO scale crew first. 

I had an initial look at this and they look like they will be a challenge with all of the fine detail. I removed all the supports from the printing machine and did a little cleanup. Since these are 3D prints there are no mold lines or injection marks to fill in. I think the print resolution is really high since I don't see any layering that needs to be cleaned up.

After I cleaned them up a drilled out a small hole in the foot for a piece of wire and super glued the wire into place. After trimming the wire to length I mounted them on one of my painting sticks. This one that I used previously for the Preiser work so its double thick and has holes for the wire already. So far so good.

After that I pulled out the airbrush and primed them with Badger Stynylrez Grey Primer (SNR-402)

The only comment I have at this point is these guys are short! Initially I thought they were going to be bigger than the Preiser figures that I had already painted, definitely not the case. The Preiser figure scales out to about 6' tall with his hat on. The Modelu figures scales out to about 5'6" with his hat on. I don't necessarily have a problem with that people do come in different heights. I'm just curious if all the Modelu figures will scale out to be this short.

First steps complete. Drilled, wired and mounted to the painting stick

Little short, maybe 5'6 compared to the Preiser figure who is pushing 6'. Nothing wrong with it, but all five of them are this short.

And after the primer. Hard to tell, the grey of the resin is pretty close to the Stynylrez grey primer

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