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Monday, September 18, 2023

World War II Project - 28mm Village Church - Sarissa Precision - The Walls Part 8

As work continues mistakes get made. I have a couple of pictures below of the biggest ones so far. My next goal is to figure out how to best sandwich in the stained glass into place. When I started this stretch I was more worried about cutting the stained glass to fit. That turned out to be much easier than expected. Its amazing what you can do with a sharp knife. Now I need to figure out how to cut out the interior piece to hold it into place. That is proving to be a bit more difficult.

Progress so far:

This is what happens when your knife is not sharp enough.

Another mistake. While I was cutting this one out I miss-counted and cut the wrong pieces out on the left side.

I trimmed off the offending pieces.

And then I glued replacements in. I literally had saved, accidentally, all the cutouts so I had plenty to choice from. Once I stipple on some texture you won't be able to tell I had made a mistake.

Cutting out the stained glass was easier than I expected.

Here is the whole wall

This is how it will look from the outside.


  1. Replies
    1. Its looking pretty good. I think the colors may be to transparent to create the effect I would like to see on the inside but overall, I think its looking pretty good.