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Friday, September 8, 2023

Acquisition - More Paints - Scale 75

Like many painters I always seem to be in search of the next best paint. In this case oil paint. I have found that I'm using a lot more oil paints for weathering vehicles and I'm branching out to figures as well. I was curious about the Scale 75 brand and decided to get some of the basic colors and give them a shot. In addition they have an interesting line of inks so I through that into the order as well. I think they could be quite useful for puddles and stuff. The color selections reminds of the ones that use to be available for Secret Weapon.

With new brushes on the desk and new paints to try I think I'll finish the Church build and move on to some figures. I'm a little jazzed to get back to some of my painting projects with the thought of having them ready for ReaperCon 2024 (some of these have been in the works for years!).

The selections: Scenery (top left), Core (top right) and Poison Flasks (bottom)

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