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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pics from the Air - Orange CA to Denver CO

It doesn't always work out this well but I had a window seat and I was flying in the daylight, a rare combination since most of my travel is done at the last minute. I flew out of the John Wayne Airport in Orange CA this time (close to Disneyland apparently), and managed to catch some pretty neat scenic shots. Its amazing how things look from 35 - 38,000 feet. I had my camera with me this time but, of course, the batteries died almost right away so all these photos are from my cell phone, which isn't bad but it isn't the greatest for shooting through a dirty airplane window.

On the plane at John Wayne Airport

Apparently when leaving John Wayne you have to fly west over the Pacific before heading east.

From farmland to desert

I think we are seeing the Little San Bernadino mountains here

Crossing the desert

Upper right corner is the Grand Canyon

Just an interesting geologic formation, not really sure where, probably Arizona

First signs of snow heading east

And then a lot of snow!

Snow capped peaks and clouds picking up the sunset