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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Wagons for Calamity - Part 3 Sarissa Precision Hearse

Moving on to part 3 brings us to the Sarissa Precision Hearse. Now this is a model I'm not sure I'm going to actually use. An undertaker that can afford to use a hearse means the town is quite affluent (not necessarily that the undertaker is busy) and I'm not sure that Calamity is an affluent place. An interesting side note is that undertakers with hearse's often had two full teams of horses, one black and one white. Black for funerals and white for any other function that he could get paid for! The hearse, like the stage coach, looks far more complicated than it really is. This is the kit I managed to make a mistake on though. This was partially due to an unlabeled piece on the instructions and the small type face.  While structurally it wasn't vital visually it is and getting the missing piece into place, without taking everything apart, was a challenge.

Here are the shots of the Hearse build.

The instructions are only one sided for the Hearse

The parts sheet. Nothing is missing the gaps are the pieces that fell out. There are no cardboard parts in this kit

Floor and under carriage going together

Adding the axles

Adding the sides and ends for the cabin. This locks the drivers seat into place.

Adding the top, looking good so far.

Adding the wheels, definitely looks good! Yet it feels incomplete.

Mmm, this looks like an important piece. Yes, its the floorboards for the driver's seat and with everything in place I can't just slide it in. I figured out that if I cut off the lugs on either side I could slide it into place, save those little pieces though! Without them you will have a couple of blank spots on the sides that won't look right. I filed the lugs down a bit and slide them into position from the outside. Problem solved!

Here you can see the floorboards in place and the gaps (right under the driver's seat) filled with the lugs that I had cut off. Nothing like a little emergency surgery.

Just put the coffin inside (it will slide right in through the openings on the side) and you are off to boot hill.
This looks like a complex kit but really you can build it in 20 minutes or less. My problem was easily fixed once I thought about it for a minute and quite frankly would likely have gone unnoticed by your average player just out to have a good time if I had left it off. The coffin is a bit fiddly though and took more effort to line up straight than anything else.


  1. nice cart !
    will you paint it ?
    (it seems that those laser-models don't need paint but I'm not sure...)

    1. I will paint it. I'll get them all painted eventually. You can certainly leave the MDF laser kits unpainted but I prefer to prime and paint them so I can work in my own weathering, or just make sure that not everything looks alike.

  2. Wow, this hearse looks beautiful! Great job on building it!
    Greetings, Sofie

    1. Thanks Sofie! It needs a little paint to be truly finished but I am pleased with how it came out.