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Monday, February 24, 2014

Another Off the Cuff Mini - Lovecraftian Painting Circle

With all the traveling lately and trying to have a piece done for Genghis Con I still managed to squeeze in a mini for the latest paint club on the Lead Adventurers forum. The current club is the Lovecraftian Painting Circle and the theme is creatures. I know this maybe hard to believe considering the amount of miniatures in my stash but I didn't have anything along these lines (although I'm seriously considering getting into some pulp). The numbers in the LPC were clocking up pretty quick there in the beginning but I decided to go ahead and order a Hound of Tindalos from Reaper anyway. I knew getting the mini wasn't going to be a problem it was finding time to paint. I finally sat down with some paint and brushes Sunday and got to work on this guy. 

There aren't a lot of descriptions of the Hound other than it seems to come from smoke so I tried to create that effect using a monochrome palette. I had the Black & White Scalecolor set from Scale 75 and decided to try that out. Its not precisely black and white there are some definite purple and brown tones in the colors (which is a good thing!). So, appropriately, this mini was more of an experiment than anything else. I banged it out in a couple of hours and while its not one of my best efforts it would certainly get the job done on the table.

This was the first time I worked with the Scalecolor paints exclusively on a mini. I discovered that you have to pay attention when thinning them down. While they come out of the bottle quite thick it doesn't take much to thin them down. I find myself over thinning them most of the time and really having to build up my colors again that probably worked in my favor in bringing out the different tones.

I would probably fail my insanity check if I met this guy on a dark night


  1. It is a pretty cool looking creature. Nice work Kris

    1. Thanks Simon, I definitely see some things that I could do better if I tried it again. I think instead of the entire head being basically the same color I could have started light at the tentacles and gone dark as I moved towards the top of the head. Then I could have repeated that on the body. I might have to get another one.