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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wells Fargo Stage Coach Reference Pictures

The other night when I left my client's site I saw a stage coach inside the building across the street. I left a little the next morning and went inside to get some pictures of it. Very convenient to spot this just when I was thinking about how to paint the Sarissa model that I had just built. I wonder if there are some Wells Fargo decals out there.

So if you are in need of some prototype pictures of a stage coach here you go!

I may have to go back and get another shot of the seating. There is a center bench seat right in the middle. I can't even imagine having to sit on this for any length of time. I guess it pays to be at the stage coach station early to claim a seat on either side.

Now I'll have to do a little more research. Looking at this photo and the next you can see that the spot for the whip is on the wagon's right side and so is the brake. I think the "driver's" position was on the right and not the left. I think I need to go back and watch some more western movies, I think those always have the driver on the left and the"shotgun" position on the right.

The wagon's right side notice, here you can see the painting and scroll work on the door.

I was right about the back of the Sarissa kit being far to straight, here you can see how the leather cover really drapes over the back. The angle is much different too. I think I'll need to make some modifications to the second kit that I have.

A closer look at the brake

A close up off the door painting and the scroll work.

The back wheel

The front steering axle and the fancy paintwork that's on it.
I decided that I didn't quite cover everything so I went back across the street this morning and took some additional pictures just to make sure I had covered just about everything.

Here's a better picture of the left side

Some better interior shots, this time with the flash.

Can you even imagine traveling for any distance on that bench seat in the middle?

I have no idea what the purpose of that leather strap might be unless its a primitive seat belt of some kind.

A look at the under carriage

And another under carriage shot.


  1. Replies
    1. I took some more today to make sure I have everything covered so I'll be adding some more later.

  2. Did you make it to the rail museum yet? It seems like something that a train guy like yourself would really appreciate...

    1. I tried yesterday but they close at 5. I haven't been able to sneak out early and check it out.

    2. Yes, their hours are somewhat restrictive... the website has a complete listing of locomotives and some of the rolling stock, but if you can not go, maybe you do not want to be taunted!

    3. I'm sure I'll have a couple more chances to go. But I may resist the website for a while!

  3. Hi Kris,

    Great looking miniature.

    I would like to use some of you review comments about Building Wargame Terrain book one when I publish book two.

    Is this OK with you?

    dampfpanzerwagon(at) yahoo.co.uk