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Monday, September 22, 2014

USMC 4th Platoon

I did get a significant amount of work done on my Marines over the weekend. I was able to sit down and paint most of Sunday afternoon and evening. No post from Sunday as I didn't have any computer access, thank you Century Link. I also was able to spend some time on them this evening. If things go well I should be able to finish off 4th Platoon tomorrow.  I want to follow this up with some of the heavy weapons; MGs and Mortars. I may need to take a break though 45 minis in three weeks is a pretty good clip.

Started off with skin tones

I managed to punch through most of the uniform on Sunday and started working details tonight

4th platoon is another mixed uniform group, featuring Army colored jackets and Marine Corps Forest Green pants. I managed to get a lot of minis in the overcoats in this group.

Getting the first coat of paint on the bases. These are from Secret Weapon Miniatures, if I use them again I'm going to paint them first. They are pretty difficult to paint working around the minis. Although some soil color on the boots and pants will help everything blend in.


  1. That's really impressive painting!

    1. Thanks! I'll think they will look really sharp once the bases are finished. I have one other brand to try for the next platoon and the heavy weapons. But I'm leaning towards the Secret Weapon ones for the rest.