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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

USMC WWI Wednesday Work

I did manage some progress tonight. Its amazing how long it seems to take to finish stuff sometimes but the 2nd Platoon is pretty much finished. I noticed a few touchups that need to be done and then I can seal them up and they are ready for the table.

I managed to get the first coat of flesh on 3rd platoon and I finished off their eyes and did that touch up. Tomorrow I'll be able to get in there and really work on the skin tones. Looking forward to that, I'm quite pleased with my current skin tone mix so I'll keep working with that.

Here are the shots from tonight.

2nd Platoon, Bases painted, water mix added.

2nd Platoon, tall grass added

2nd Platoon Group Shot

3rd Platoon, First Skin Tone on and eyes are finished (not that you can see them in the picture). I like to do eyes early so I can clean up the skin around them.

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