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Monday, November 16, 2015

Trenchworx - French WWI FT-17 - Pt 5

I was able to get back to the FT-17s tonight. They are basically finished at this point. But it takes time for the mud and weathering mixtures to drive. There are pictures below, but I'm actually not quite sure how the mud color will look until after they have dried completely. They should be dry by morning and I'll be able to finish them off tomorrow. I dried to add some mud texture with just the pigments that didn't work as well as I had hoped. So I made up a mud concoction using Golden regular gel (dries matte) and mixing pigments into it for the color. I think they are going to look pretty good, but ultimately they are just for the tabletop anyway and will definitely look good there.

My stash of weathering brushes.

Pigments from Secret Weapons Mud Set that I purchased a number of years ago. Pigments go a long way.

After rummaging through my MiG pigments I decided on Vietnam Earth as my third value.

Its hard to see but I heaped pigment into the treads and other places and then applied a wash of paint thinner to hold it into place. This method fixes the pigment in place but it can still be rubbed off unlike using a fixer which seals everything into place very effectively. The down side, well Paint Thinner, work in a well ventilated area!

Here we are after adding the mud mixture made from the gel medium and pigment colors. It needs to dry before I can really determine what the final color is going to look like


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    1. Thanks Tony! The mud looks pretty good here in the morning. I think I can wrap them up tonight.