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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Trenchworx - WWI French FT-17 - Pt 1

I know this seems odd but I started another project tonight. Now there really is a method to the madness here, I have received some new paints to try out. Based on who is going to produce them I decided that I really needed a vehicle to try them out on. Since I haven't done any WWI miniatures for a while the FT-17 from Trenchworx seemed like a good choice.

So tonight I cleaned, assembled and primed the three FT-17 I received from the Trenchworx kickstarter almost exactly a year ago.

I accidentally deleted a few of the pictures I wanted to show you but here is pretty much where things started and ended this evening.

Here are all the parts cleaned up and ready to be assembled. The tracks are just dry fitted to the body at this point. These were supplied with rare earth magnets to help hold the turrets on and make the guns interchangeable. I opted not to do this.

Here they are fully assembled. I see at least 4 different colors of resin being used in the production at this point. I really can't tell the difference between any of the different colors.

Here they are all primed and ready for paint. I used the Badger Stynylrez Grey Primer. This is a water based acrylic polyurethane surface primer. The more I use it the better I like it. I do apply it with my airbrush and I haven't had to thin it during the process.

Close up of one of the three vehicles. I'm hoping to get these done relatively quickly.

These are beautiful models. They maybe a little expensive but I think they are well worth the price.

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