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Friday, September 18, 2020

World War II Project - P107 (f)/U304 (f) 21st Pz Div Halftracks - Dust & Dirt

I updated the blog post that I did for the streaking effects on these vehicles which many folks are not likely to see. Basically for any type of streaking effect the best surface to do it on is a semi-gloss surface. A matte surface has to much tooth and makes the technique harder to use while  a gloss surface doesn't enough tooth and you can easily wipe away the paint when you apply the thinner. A semi-gloss surface seems to be the best option for streaking. When I move on to the next batch of vehicles waiting for paint (likely the STuGs) I'll be sure to seal the decals with a semi-gloss rather than a gloss.

For the first part of the weathering I'm going to work on the dust on the upper surfaces. Since I want a more random look, I'm going to use the dot technique using my Oilbrushers. I have picked three colors to do the dots with; Buff, Dusty Earth and Yellow Bone.

3 U307 (f)s ready for some dust. Oilbrushers are: Buff, Dusty Earth, Yellow Bone from "Ammo by Mig"

Applying the dots, may have gotten overly enthusiastic with the dots. Less is more and you can always come back and add more to intensify the effect.

This is the first pass with a flat brush used to "drybrush" on the thinner. Remember these are oil paints and you need something a bit stronger than water, I have a low odor thinner (mineral spirits) that I use.

2nd Pass with the brush, again trying to always move vertically on this types of surfaces. It still needs a refinement but you can see where it is going.

All done

The lower surfaces received a treatment of pigments using a selection of Pan Pastel colors; Burnt Sienna Extra Dark, Raw Umber and Yellow Ochre Shade. While there are all kinds of mud effects I could use, I have opted to just go with a straight pigment application on these.

The overhang is so extreme its hard to see the effect from the pigments but it is there. Started with the Burnt Sienna Extra Dark, followed by the Raw Umber and finally the Yellow Ochre Shade. But it up in layers really heightens the effect.

So these are finally closing in on being finished. I need to do the tracks and the wheels and they will be done. 

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