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Thursday, September 10, 2020

World War II Project - P107 (f)/U304 (f) 21st Pz Div Halftracks - Streaking

I was able to sit down and add some fairly extensive streaking to the halftracks. For this round I used the Ammo streaking effects; streaking grime and streaking rust. I tried to make the streaks a bit more obvious this time around by making sure that I kept the use of thinner to a minimum on the brush. I have definitely not mastered this technique yet but I am getting better at it. I think I have decided that I prefer using the Ammo Oilbrushers for this, the enamel streaking effects just seem to thin coming out of the bottle and I felt like I constantly needing to add a second "coat" to make sure there was enough paint to actually create the streak with. The tube oils work very nicely for this as well but at least two of the Abteilung tubes seemed to have completely separated in the tubes and I ended up with a huge mess on the palette which makes me lean even more towards using the Oilbrushers for just about everything that uses oil paints and supplement with tube oils.

NOTE: After looking at even more videos it seems that the best surface to do streaks on is a semi-gloss surface. A matte surface has to much texture making it difficult to work the streaking effect and a gloss surface (which is what I used on these) doesn't give the surface enough tooth for the paint to grab, which goes along way in explaining some of my frustrations with the technique. I will no better for the next batch test subjects.


  1. Really like your efforts so far. Weathering can be quite a challenge in itself sometimes. Too little and your piece can end up look boring and too much and it'll look like the latest arrival on the scrapyard.

    1. You are certainly right about that. I'm trying to avoid the scrapyard look and just get that heavily used look. It can be a pretty fine line.