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Monday, September 7, 2020

World War II Project - P107 (f)/U304 (f) 21st Pz Div Halftracks - Chipping

I had a little time to start the weathering process with the chipping step. This time I started with lighter colored chips using Ammo's Dunkelgelb High Light (A.MIG-904). I then followed that with the darker chips using  Vallejo German Camo Black Brown (70.822). Pretty pleased with them at this point, some of the chipping is way to big but using the sponge technique can be trying. After I let them dry overnight I'm quite pleased with the result. They may need a little more chipping in a couple of spots before I move on to the rest of the weathering.

Light Chipping first with the dunkelgelb

Dark chipping with the German Camo Black Brown

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