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Monday, February 22, 2021

World War II Project - STuG III Fading

I think I'm on the verge of breaking out of my painting slump and I started the next step on the STuG IIIs. Decals are on and sealed with a satin finish, I used a satin finish rather than a gloss to give a bit more tooth for the weathering steps. In theory that will make the washes a little easier to manage, we will see about that!

I decided I would give fading another shot on these. I'm still experimenting with this technique and I'm still on the fence about using it. If I keep the rest of the weathering relatively light then it will stand out. If I go heavy on the technique then the effect is lost. I suppose I could come back and redo it after the rest of the weathering. I might give that a go when I get back to the Jagdpanthers. After these have dried I'll do the pin wash.

Here are a few step by step shots (sort of) of my process:

A couple STuGs and my oils of choice for this task. A couple of oilbrushers and a couple of tube oils. The oilbrushers are much easier to use but I don't like the selection of greens that they come in hence the need for a couple of tube oils (Abteilung) for the greens.

The dunkelgelb has been done, mostly on the top surfaces, the dots or streaks are the first step to lightening the brown.

The mostly finished skirts. I went back afterwards and darkened up the green and brown on the bottom edge a bit more.

And a parade shot of with the fading finished on all 4 StuGs.

Technically this is STuH since it has the 105mm cannon

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