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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

World War II Project - Buildings - Photo Realism Concept III

I had a chance to return to the photo realism concept and I managed to get the exterior paper on the "Dormer House 2" from Charlie Foxtrot Models. I went with the Illinois stone block from Clever Models for the exterior surface and the wood plank 8" for the floors. I reduced the stone block by 25% and the floor by 14%. The floor planks might still be a little large but I doubt anyone will notice to much.

I think its looking pretty good at this stage. I still need to cut out the windows and doors but at this stage it does look like a house made from stone blocks. since this kit has door and window inserts I think I'll just cut the edges even with the exterior edge and not try and do a fold to cover the interior edges. 

I did let this glue dry overnight to make sure I had a good solid bond and I used books as weights. I did make a few tears during the cutting but with the randomness on the stone its hard to see. You really need a good sharp (probably new) blade when cutting the paper. At least it shouldn't wear down as quickly as it does with foamcore. I dry fitted everything together again to check the fit and it is tighter with the the thickness of the paper. The seam between floors is almost invisible at this point which is great, but the corners are going to need a little work to hide that edge.

At this point I need to either paint the inside because it looks really odd with just the floor in place or use the wallpaper pieces that I took from one of the Sally 4th kits. I may just apply the paper just to get a feel for working with it.

Here is my work up to this point:

The textures from Clever Models

Wallpaper from one of the Sally 4th Sheets

The glue, this is good stuff and my preferred glue when working with paper. Final Assembly will be done with Titebound. 

When you are positioning things you need to keep in mind which surfaces are going to be seen and that wood and bricks are running in the same direction.

A little Aleene's Tacky glue applied to the second story floor

Smeared around to cover the whole thing. Try to make sure the entire surface is covered especially near the edges. I did fix a few spots on this one before putting it down on the paper.

Floors being glued to the paper. Note the Charlie Foxtrot Models logo as seen here is the bottom and as such its the other side that has the glue on it!

Nothing like a few computer books for weight

After a night of drying

Cutting out the pieces. I recommend a new knife blade for this to avoid tears.

A close up of the plank flooring

The 1st Story dry fitted together. The best corner is the interior corner where the extension meets the main building.

Popping on the 2nd Story, again just dry fitted together

A better look at the whole thing. The edges are definitely going to need some work, But the seam between the 1st and 2nd story is basically invisible.

Propping up the front roof to show off the chimney. I think the overall look is quite good at this point. Just need to fix that edge and it will look quite sharp.


  1. It is looking pretty good. How are you going to handle the corners?

    1. My immediate thought is to create some corner pieces that replicate the decorative corners on many stone buildings. Just not quite sure how I'm going to accomplish that yet. I need to build the window and door sills too. I'm thinking of just wrapping the paper around stripwood at this point.

  2. Would the window and door sills be single pieces of stone? You might be able to use the textures enlarged slightly before you wrap around the wood to get the single larger "stone" you need.

    1. I think they should be single pieces of stone, at least the upper sill. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to pull that off. Just using the O-scale sheet might be enough or I find some textures with longer stones that would fit the bill.