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Monday, May 8, 2017

World War II Project - Buildings - Photo Realism Concept VI

I'm still on the fence on how to handle the window and door sills as well as adding the ugliness around the corners while keeping things relatively simple and quick that's the major challenge part. That corner seam is going to be evident on every building I use this technique on so I will need something that doesn't break the bank and become to complex to due multiple times. While I stewed on that I went back to work on the inside. I decided to go ahead and add baseboards and some framing around the windows. Again trying to keep things pretty simple and not overthink everything. After all I have a dozen plus buildings to do after this one.

The top floor is much simpler, it doesn't have that "L" corner to deal with like the 1st floor.

First step cut all the baseboards and glue them in place before I assemble the walls. In theory this will make everything a bit easier as well.

A little dryfitting

And baseboards glued in place

A square frame for an arched window

The right solution seem to be just to glue in the framing piece and then cut the arch into and not worry to much about the top since it butts up almost directly to the floor above any way. The arch is not very obvious here. But there are lots of windows to practice on.

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