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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

World War II Project - Buildings - Photo Realism Concept IV

I moved on to the next phase of this, the interior. Here I just used the wallpaper that I pulled from one of the Sally 4th kits. I opted to avoid using a patterned wallpaper at this point, just figuring that a farmhouse would be a pretty simple affair.

I followed the same steps as the exterior, but this time I needed to cut and fit a bit more. I didn't want the wallpaper to mess up joints so I tried to keep it out of the puzzle cuts used to hold everything together. It didn't take that much longer.

Right now I'm fairly happy with how things are going. I definitely have some tear spots on the inside and outside from not having a good knife blade when I cut the paper out for the openings. I think I will definitely add sills to the windows and doors as well, just to pop the detail a bit and to hide the flaws. I'll do something similar to the exterior corners and I'll add some molding to the interior as well. The interior pieces need to be done before I glue things together, it will be a lot easier that way. I'll paint the molding first as well. The less I use a paintbrush for this build the happier I will be.

The kit details like doors, windows, and shutters will be painted before I install as well. I need to go into the door and window openings and file out any excess glue that has worked its way into the edges. I found some of that when I was cutting the paper out of the windows which resulted in some of the tearing you are seeing.

Wallpaper glued in place, same process as the exterior. Gets a little dirt with all the glue that is flying around.

The 2nd story dry fitted together

1st Story dry fitted together. I have a rough corner back in the interior corner of the L by the backdoor.

All stacked up. I'm still pretty happy with this. Some clean up work is obviously necessary to fix up all the edges.

I like the look of everything from this particular angle.

The backside. Next up will be painting the detail pieces and then gluing the shell together.


  1. Looks great Kris! I'd been following your previous posts regarding these and I'd almost jumped on the Normandy Kickstarter Chris at Sally 4th had going last year, but the printing was ultimately what turned me away because of the cost of ink cartridges. Now that you've working your way through some buildings, do you feel that changing ink cartridges frequently was a valid apprehension on my part or is it still too early to tell?

    1. At this point its just to early to tell. I'm having some issues with the Sally 4th sheets because of the difference between US and UK paper sizes. I may consider going to one of the print shops and having it done on their color printers rather than running though my own ink cartridges. I'll have to look into the prices on that as well. So to early to tell at this point but that's the same issue I had when I was considering their Kickstarter too.

    2. Thanks Kris, appreciate the response.