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Thursday, May 4, 2017

World War II Project - Buildings - Photo Realism Concept V

I needed short break from working with paper and pulled out the airbrush. Time to get some of other the other parts of the kit ready for the assembly portion of the operation. I pulled out all the doors, windows and shutters and gave them a coat of paint, green for the exterior and white for the interior. Nothing to exciting just a little airbrush work.

I kept pulling more and more parts out of the bag.

Green for the exterior, because I like green. I should have primed these parts first, MDF really sucks up the paint.

Unfortunately this lovely green is not commercially available. Just a sample from a Reaper order which means that Anne was experimenting with colors again. I think this is just a gorgeous green.

Pulled out all the shutters, and flipped the windows over for the white or interior side.

Reaper master paint again, because it was already out on my desk. I thinned with Vallejo Airbrush thinner.

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