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Thursday, May 11, 2017

World War II Project - German Armor - Mad Bobs Miniatures Finished

I put in some rather serious time into painting last night. I figure that these thanks just need to be finished at this point. They have been on the table far to long. So I pushed the elements and did a lot of work that I might have spread out over several sessions.

This included working with colored pencil to make some of the scratches, working with sponges for rusted chipped paint, some more enamel work for rust, rust streaks, and grime and followed the whole thing up with some dirt and dust work using the pan pastels ( I started with pigments and then decided I just didn't want to bother with them last night).

I'm definitely calling these done, while they might not be competition pieces they are certainly good gaming pieces. I really need to move on to something else at this point. There is a whole other box of German armor from Mad Bobs Miniatures that would complete the requirements for the Two Fat Lardies pint sized campaign and I might go there next. There is also a ton of troops that need to be started and finished as well.

So here is are the results from last night (I might take some better pictures on my new photo backdrops, we will see how motivated I am at this point).

These are the enamels that I used to mix my dirt glazes with. I think that I just need to keep working on this technique and not get impatient with the results

The last of the acrylics that I used. Most for the wood on the tools (middle two colors from Reaper) and the basic rust on the muffler (outside two colors, these are from Secret Weapon, I got to test them that's why they are not labeled).

A few rust streaks and a lot of grime streaks. Of course some of this is then promptly covered up by dust.

The Pan Pastel colors I used for the final layers of dirt and dust, primarliy applied to the bottom portion of the vehicles.

A Pak 40 aug S307(f) ready for the table

A Geschutzwagen 39H(f), ready for action. I do need to fix that fingerprint though!

The second Pak 40auf S307(f)

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