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Monday, May 15, 2017

World War II Project - Buildings - Photo Realism Concept VIII

I had some unexpected free time over the weekend to work on the Charlie Foxtrot Models building. Overall I finished framing the inside and managed to get the top floor actually glued together. That only took one extra run to the hobby shop when I ran out of strip wood. Its amazing how a small project like this literally eats up your stripwood supply. 

I then turned my attention to the "stone" angles that I'll use to cover the corners. At the time I could only find plastic angles (from Plastruct) to work with. I needed to glue both wood and paper to these which was going to be a challenge. Super glue isn't the best choice but some form of contact cement would be ideal. Since I didn't have either of those I figured that I would try out the Aleene's Tacky Glue. To this point it seems to have worked pretty well. Its probably one of those instances where only time will tell.

I finished wrapping up all the corner pieces I needed, but most of them need to be trimmed up yet. At that point I'm pretty much ready to go for the final assembly and detailing and we will see how it looks.

I'm gluing the top floor together here. You can see the inside framing has been finished. Much easier to do this before you glue the whole thing up.

I'm pleased with the inside look. A might be a little rough but it is likely to be covered most of the time.

I could only find plastic angles over the weekend. I did find wood ones after a google search this morning. They are a tad bit expensive, but I'm likely to go that way for future projects just for ease of assembly.

The components for the angle. I need to add the wood for thickness, although I could have used plastic for this as well.
Gluing the wood in place

I do like my steel weights

Finished piece, exterior edge

Finished piece, interior
I have my grid laid out and I'm gluing the first edge in place. I let this dry overnight

Ready to cut

One complete glue failure out of seven. I think that's pretty good

Folded up and ready to be cut to length and glued to the building corner

One finished, one trimmed and ready for the top and bottom folds, two waiting to be trimmed. There are three more of these to go.

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