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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

World War II Project - Birthday Loot

I did receive several checks for my annual solar anniversary and quickly sent of an order to Rubicon. I had noticed that the revised PzKfw IV kit was featured in a bundle of buy 2 get 1 free. Since I really consider this vehicle to be the mid-war workhorse I ordered two "bundles" for a total of six, probably excessive but they should be fun to build. Three will be for the Afrika Korps force that I want to build and will be built up as combination of F2s and Gs and will be painted up for the 21st Panzer Division. The other three will be built as Hs and I will probably paint them up for the 6th Panzer Division. Along with that was an Allied Stowage kit, a German Stowage kit, and some more decals for the Afrika Korps. 

Also in the box were six extra sprues for the PzIVs. When the kit was first introduced one of the sprues was missing the third cannon so there was a rush to get a new sprue done and those were distributed to those that had the "bad" sprue and the rest were replaced. I figured the old sprues would just get melted down or otherwise destroyed. However, Rubicon kept them and an additional old sprue is sent with each box. There are now certainly enough components to build two complete lower hulls, there maybe enough to build two complete turrets. At the very least I now can order some of the Ostwind and Wirbelwind turrets and add some anti-air capability and maybe a bergepanzer conversion or two. I'll have to put one kit together and see what is actually left over.


  1. Well that's a few evenings work for you.

    1. Probably more like a lifetimes work. The models are easy its the painting where I start to get bogged down.