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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

A Little Lathe Work - Turning Pens

I have been working with the lathe and we managed to turn out a few Christmas presents (stocking stuffers I think). This was our first attempt at turning pens on the lathe. The guts all come as part of a kit. You just have to provide the  "blank", for these the blanks were oak, maple and cocobolo. The oak and maple are hard to tell apart they both came from reclaimed barn wood. The maple has the tighter grain. The other four are all out of the cocobolo and there is quite a bit of variation in the color of the wood.

I learned quite a bit with this initial bunch and I'm looking forward to doing the next bunch. So many things to do so little time.

I think the only one I'm not happy with is the thin one, second from the left.

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