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Monday, November 8, 2021

First run at Pen Turning

I had some time on Saturday so I cut pen blanks and glued in brass tubes for the 8 pen kits that we bought. I even had time to mount one up on the lathe and tried my hand at it. It still needs a little work followed by sanding and finishing but I'm pleased so far.

Sat down with the miter saw to cut blanks to size, the drill press to drill a hole through the blank (hopefully as close to center as possible) and then glued the brass tubes (with epoxy) into the blanks.

I mounted one set of blanks on the lathe and took my first real shot at turning a pen. The left side looks pretty good, the right side still needs some work. Once that's all done I'll sand it and apply a finish and then put the whole thing together.


  1. Looks great! And getting lovely but relatively tiny pieces of wood/using scraps is so fun.

    Now you just need to work on making scale balustrades ;)

    1. Scale balustrades sound like quite the challenge! Maybe on a smaller lathe with a tool that has a blade less than 1/2" across!