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Friday, December 12, 2014


I don't normally post stuff like this but I number of things I needed showed up in the mail earlier this week. What it really means is I know longer have a good excuse to put off building at least one of and maybe two of my Sci/Fi dioramas. Time to bear down and get it done!

From Armorcast came the dumpsters I wanted for my diorama that will feature minis from Hasslefree (no name for that one yet, although a couple are floating around in my head). Fortunately the minis themselves have not arrived yet so those can go on the back burner. Also from Armorcast are the Victorian style streetlights. Bad news, those are part of the "Steady Lads" diorama which is first up. The small pack is from Wiseman industries and are brass castings of grab irons, replacements for the white metal ones I had purchased before. Underneath all that are plastic brick sheets from Slater's Plastikard. There are two variations; the Flemish bond pattern that I have been looking for and the English bond pattern that is relatively common in the US. I need the Flemish bond for "Steady Lads" which means I have everything I need to get this done now.

A bit of a close up of the brass grab irons (which do require a bit of bending and a little patience) and the Flemish bond pattern.

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