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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Another Round of Boxcars - Prepping

The only thing I seem to be really making progress on is rolling stock for Calamity. I have three boxcars just waiting for some work. One of these was my test bed decal car. I'm unhappy with the results of my decals, if I had a laser printer I think they would look better, but when you are in close you can see the pixels. So considering going ahead and having custom decals done at this point. Will hold on that thought till after the first of the year. In the mean time I do have three sets of transfers from Clover House, so these will be fancy boxcars.

Tonight was spent prepping these for painting. That means removing the trucks (and carefully storing the screws) and removing the ladders from each side. Following that I used my jig to drill holes for the new grab irons. I received the brass ones yesterday and I like them much better. So holes drilled, grab irons bent into their proper and installed and we are ready to paint!
Ladders removed ready for grab irons

Installing some grab irons on one of the new cars. They need a little straightening.

Installed on the decal test bed car, those first attempt decals have to go!
Decals removed, grab irons installed

And a two

And a three

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