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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Another Round of Boxcars - Dry Transfers

It took a day to hunt down the dry transfers from Clover House. They weren't quite where I thought they were. There were two sets for the Colorado & Northwestern and one for the Rio Grande Southern. I completely messed up the first set of C&N transfers, totally disgusted with myself. I'll have to strip it down and start again. I decided to try the RGS set and they went on without a problem. This is another "fantasy" set of RGS decals featuring logos and lettering that didn't necessarily appear on the prototype versions. So the only pictures are of the RGS car and I'm setting aside the C&N cars for now. I'm still seriously considering going forward with getting custom decals made for the C&N instead.

Here are the pictures from tonight's work. Hopefully I'll be able to do some weathering tomorrow. Hard to say with the holidays bearing down on us.
The large logo on the left and the first layer for the galloping goose logo on the right.

The white added to the galloping goose logo unlike with car data

And the end, which contains a bit more information than most cars. I see I didn't quite get my numbers straight on this side.

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