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Friday, December 4, 2015

Building Calamity 12 - Row House #2 - Even More Paint Work

I started off giving the airbrush a thorough cleaning. It seems to have worked as it performed like a champ through every color I worked with tonight. Hopefully it will continue to work that nicely tomorrow!

I started off by making sure I had a good base coat on the building and eliminating that mottled look I  managed to pull off the other night. I then applied to lighter coats to start the fading. I followed that up with the yellow trim and then faded the whole thing with white and started to dirty things up a bit. Oh and I also installed the doors and windows. A good night's work. I'll set this one aside for a bit. I need to build the roof and then I'll go in and do the weathering once I have that done.

Solid base coat now

A bit of faded paint

I taped down the windows and doors before I hit them with the airbrush

For some reason I can't get the yellow to show up properly in this shot. I didn't want to go in and mess with color levels though. You guys will just have to live with it!

Painting the trim. This a 1:1 mix of two new colors from Reaper; 9407 Lantern Yellow and 9408 Candlelight Yellow. I think these are going to be part of the Bones line of paints. Great yellows!

Doors and Windows are installed and I have faded the paint and then gave it a quick wash of Raw Umber to bring out some of the details. I'll let it sit at this point while I build and paint the roof. I like to weather everything together, mostly because its messy.


  1. Sweet storming through this build :)

    1. It does seem to be coming together a bit faster than the first one!