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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Building Calamity 14 - Row House #2 - Roof Weathering

The stock shingles that I used from Builders in Scale were a bit to "out of the box" new looking to really fit into the character I'm imagining for Calamity. So obviously a little weathering is in order. Since these are shake shingles I was looking for that silvery grey color that unfinished wood tends to change to. Since these are actually wood I decided to try out a product that I had sitting on the shelf that was suppose to do just that. However, it did not work on these shingles which are cut from oak. I suspect that it works fine on basswood which is what most model railroad stripwood is cut from. It did, however, darken the shingles so they certainly didn't look new but I wanted them to look a bit older yet. So I pulled out my titanium white and carbon black Liquitex inks. I first applied a diluted solution of the white, by keeping it thin I was able to get a grayer look to the shingles. That was looking pretty good but I wanted to push it a bit farther. After the white ink had dried I went in and brushed over it with the black ink and I think I'm closer to the silvery grey I was shooting for. Not perfect but good enough.

I also finished off the fascia as well, base coated with a wood color and then applied some chipping affects from AK Interactive. After that had dried I applied the same mix of yellows from Reaper that I had used on the trim. I haven't peeled it off yet or faded it down either but I'll finish that off when I do the final weathering on the building. Hopefully I'll be able to get that done this week.

Its really washed out in this photograph but this is the roof with the white applied and drying.

This is the roof with just the white ink and a few streaks added with raw umber. Wasn't entirely happy with it so I opted to move forward and apply the black ink.

If you look close at the window on the side you can see that I managed to break it. I'll have to get in there with some glue and fix it.

Again, its hard to see the difference but I have applied the black ink and its actually more greyish in person and the streaks are a bit more prominent. I'm going to call this a successful experiment at this point.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm pleased with it. A little weathering and it will be perfect!

  2. I like the color of the roof, but have you thought about a tiiiiny bit of green for moss/algae? Around here at least, shake shingle seem to have a slight greenish tint, and it seems like somewhere where there is actual precipitation might have more.

    1. I'll have to think about that, its a good idea. This climate doesn't usually promote that kind of growth though.