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Monday, December 7, 2015

Building Calamity 13 - Row House #2 - Getting the Roof On!

I managed to dig out the two packages of Truewood Shingles from Builders in Scale. These are O Scale Rustic Oak shingles (#704) and a pack covers up to 30 square inches. It took all of one pack plus 3 strips out of second pack. I think I could have spaced them out a little bit farther than I did and only used a single pack probably with a few strips left over, live and learn.

I like these shingles because they are wood and I can essentially stain them and they have a nice ragged look to them. On top of that they are self adhesive!

Pictures are better than words at this point.

The gussets are cut and I'm gluing them to one side of the roof. Important tip at this point I probably should have applied the shingles to the roof first. This would have made everything a little bit easier.

Gussets in place

Gluing the other roof panel in place

The basic roof is ready to go

Added the cap strip to cover the seam between the sides.

Added the end caps

The shingles I'm using for this project

The boring part. Like I said this would have been easier to put the shingles on before I glued everything together

One side down

Both sides are finished. Just need to paint the end caps and I can start the weathering.

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