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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Building Calamity 10 - Row House #2 - Exterior Paint

Some nights it feels like I just don't seem to accomplish anything. I spent a lot of time cleaning and re-cleaning the airbrush and really it still wasn't really working right by the end of the evening. Something is stuck somewhere but I can't figure out what it is, just not getting a good smooth air and paint flow from it. I have cleaned it and re-cleaned it and still nothing. Oh well I'll figure it out. It was working well enough to get this part of the work done.

I finished the floor and the exterior walls with the base coat. I'm hoping this will show up really well when I peel the top coat of paint away. It still needs to be sealed with a matte varnish before I can apply the chipping fluid, hopefully I can work that in tomorrow.

Airbrushed base coat for the exterior

Airbrushed interior floor

Adding some depth with Raw Umber ink