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Friday, December 18, 2015

Building Calamity 18 - The "Hardware" Store - Interior Work

I am working through things that will work and things that might not with this build. Again I want to increase the complexity of the build to really push the limits and see what I can do. This time I'm adding those interior walls and I have decided add wainscoting on them too. I finished getting that in place for the first floor during this session. That did mean thinking things through especially where walls are meeting and not always running the wainscotting right to the edge of the wall, or it won't match up with the wall its meeting. Its not a super tight fit in those corners where the wainscoting meets but its close enough.

I'm going to continue the wainscoting on the second floor as well but I decided not to tackle that tonight. I have come to that decision point on how to handle the second floor and I think I'm going to make it completely removable. That makes it a lot easier to move minis around in the first floor although play in this building would will be pretty tight. I think this one is going to end up being a hero building only because of the level detail I'm trying out. Its hard to really see it as a true hero building because of its size but you never know. On the board it might end up with some great fields of fire and of course hanging out on the outside staircase is going to be pretty tempting.

Since I knew I was going to be working on the interior I printed off some wallpaper patterns. I found these as free downloads on a couple of dollhouse websites. I reduced the size and printed them out. When I got them home I sprayed them with a matte varnish to seal them. Hopefully when I apply the glue the ink won't run!

Laying in the wainscoting. Making sure there is a gap for the interior wall.

Nice! That line showing where the top of the floor is supposed to be is really where its suppose to be.

And the walls actually do fit together. I'm considering not gluing in the interior walls. If I just leave them loose then I can take them out if I need to. I also need to move that door way about a scale foot to the left.

And it fits between both walls!

And now adding in the other interior wall. This was a bit trickier for some reason. If you look closely you can see that the door on the second floor is going to end up resting to low and it needs to be moved up about 6 scale inches so that I can put the floor in. Or I could just hack 6" off the top of the two interior walls as they form the only bracing at this point.

All the wainscoting in place on the first floor.

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