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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Building Calamity 15 - Row House #2 - Weathered and Finished

After the chores were finished for the day (I may have been putting off doing the laundry a little to long) I sat down to do a little weathering work. I finished the chipping process on the eaves and the main building. I think I have decided that using the acrylic chipping fluid doesn't always work very well, however, I adding a little brushwork seemed to even things out a bit. This one saw a lot of work with the pan pastels on both the siding and the roof. I think the extra work on the roof really made it pop, I'm very please with that aspect of this building.

Again I'm not sure if either of these buildings will actually be part of the board but since they will be mounted on foam sabots I should be able to do something that will allow me to switch out buildings and change the layout of the town from time to time. I could even see constructed a burned out version of a building if it happened during a game. I could do a little process of creating and empty site and then a building under construction and finally create the finished version of the new building on the lot. Not sure I'm willing to go to quite that much work but it might be an interesting exercise for a building or two.

Tonight's finishing work

Exposing the chips from the chipping fluid and then add some more with the brush.

A little flash let's you see the interior.

Difficult to see the effects of the weathering from the pan pastels but the bottom boards have two layers of dirt and then a bit more of whitish grey to further dull the green. The roof has received some more work as well.

The row houses ready for a game.


  1. Lovely house and great details.I also like your paintwork.You have made a splendid job on the weathering.Keep writing about your housing-projects I will follow your posts closely! :)

    1. I will certainly try. Calamity is a big project but I love modeling the buildings. I'm working on the plan for the next building now. It will definitely be a departure from the row houses!

  2. Very nice work its been a pleasure watching it from start to finish.

    1. Thanks Simon! The next will be something different, need to add a little complexity now.