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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Building Calamity 11 - Row House #2 - More Paint Work

I was able to sit down and get a little bit more work done on Row House #2 last night. Well more than a little bit as I assembled most of the pieces last night and now it looks a lot more like a house. Once again I managed to forget to do something before I applied paint. This time it was gluing on all of the exterior trim. I had framed the front window early on but completely forgot about the rest. With the base coat in place I had to go back and do some scraping around the edges to expose the bare foamed PVC so I could get a good glue bond. I followed that up with a little brown paint work and sealed everything up again.

At this point I had the airbrush working just fine. After I assembled the building I decided to apply the first coat of green paint, something from Vallejo Model Air which should have shot through the brush just fine. I sort of finished the first coat and then sat down and had another frustrating session of cleaning the airbrush.

Here are the results of last night's work.

Everything has been given a sealing coat of matte varnish. Its readily apparent that I forgot to add the trim at this point.

This is how I help get the trim straight. The flat edge against my metal blocks (you can see where I scrapped paint away to get to the foamed PVC)

The trim strip glued in place on the wall with the upper edge running against the metal blocks to keep it straight.

Time for a little assembly. You can see the lighter brown I used for the trim strips. I didn't feel the need to be to careful applying it either. Big rubber bands are quite helpful here.

Assembly completed, all the trim painted and the windows blocked off to protect the inside from over spray

I dropped in some heavy watercolor paper to further block the over spray from going over the top edge. You can see from the mottled appearance of the green that I wasn't getting good paint flow from the airbrush...again.  Will have to go back and give the airbrush another thorough cleaning and hope that I get better results at the next session. 

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